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Toaster TIp ??? Multiple Choice

on October 12, 2012

The events of this week (ie a mandatory state funded test)  have left me in a mood to pose a multiple choice scenario to you.  Consider it your own personal standardized test. 

First I need to tell you the rules.  Please read along silently while I read the directions outloud.  (except because I cannot actually read to you, you should read them outloud and pretend it is me reading them to you.)

Any response to this question should be written with a number 2 pencil.  Oh wait scratch that.  How about a number two keyboard?  or whatever…

Anyway, on this test you, will have to read all by yourself a question that is clearly designed to confuse and baffle you.  You cannot use any dictionary, spellchecker or any other device that might actually allow you to have even a small amount of success.  I probably could help you understand the directions but really I dont feel like it so whatever, again.

Read the selection and then answer the multiple choice question. Yep only one.  It’s pass/fail. Suck it up.

The seven year old is making his birthday cupcakes when his mom has to step away for a BRIEF MOMENT.  At that exact, albeit brief, moment the seven year old decides to see what happens if he lifts the mixer out of the double batch of dark chocolate cake batter.

Which toaster tip best fits the previous scenario?

a) Put an age restriction on cake batter preparation.

b) Only an idiot would actually walk away from that…

c) Only an idiot WOULDN’T walk away from that…

d) You should be cleaning up the chocolate cake batter instead of blogging about it!

e)  ______________________________________

Please record your response in the comment section.  Clever ideas will become heros in my bloggosphere.  and no Sue bloggosphere is probably not a word…


One response to “Toaster TIp ??? Multiple Choice

  1. Kathy says:

    e: Life goes on; lesson learned (by all parties); and cake batter cleans up! 🙂

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